5 Tips for Flying with a Nursing Infant

I'm writing this from 36,000 ft in the air on our 4th flight as a family in the last week.  I've learned a few things during our travels with a nursing infant and I would like to share 5 of them with you in hopes of easing your flying experience, even just a little.
1. Bring an EXTRA, extra shirt.
I learned this lesson the hard way.  We were less than an hour into the second (and longest) flight on the way to our destination when my daughter threw up allllll over me.  I'll spare you the graphic details but let's just say it was one of the worst pukes that she's had, and she's had many.  Both the shirt I wore on the plane as well as my "extra" shirt were covered.  Luckily I had a hoodie tucked away and at least it wasn't the first flight!  Next time I will also bring a spare pair of pants - you know, just in case!
2.  Sit by the window if you can. 
I found sitting in the window seat provides the most privacy for nursing in our cramped airplane quarters.  It's also handy if you need to quickly change your shirt (see #1).
3.  Wear an easy to maneuver nursing top
The gate at an airport terminal full of strangers is not the place that you want to be fumbling around with complicated nursing accesses and snaps.  I loved wearing a Boob Design shirt and bra.  I didn't have to use a nursing cover either since the shirts are so discreet. Click here to see our Boob Design Collection.
4.  Paper cups provide lots of entertainment
We were lucky to have wonderful flight attendants on all of our flights.  One of them floated a napkin like a flag in front of Alice which made for great fun.  She later came back and gave the baby a paper cup.  Our daughter loved this cup and played with it for the rest of that flight allowing mommy time to finish watching her movie ;)
5. Wear your Munchables
Since I was wearing my munchables necklace, I knew that I always had a teething toy within arms reach.  This was great peace of mind since we were travelling just as Alice's first tooth was coming up.  Plus, having it in necklace form meant I didn't have to take up precious carry-on bag space with yet another toy. (Shop our Munchables Collection here)
I hope that these tid-bits help in giving you a new idea while travelling with your nursing infant.
Wishing you all easy, safe, and tear-free travels.
Love, Mama Bean