Five Tips to Building Your Maternity Wardrobe by Shauna Cole

Dressing for work when you’re pregnant can be a tad bit challenging to say the least. During my pregnancy it felt like my shape and size were changing every week. My body felt like this foreign, out of control being. The shape was new and oh so weird to me. Managing being weirded out by my body was hard enough. On top of this, I had to manage being ‘together’ and ‘on’ every day in a super corporate environment. Sighhhh…   Getting dressed for work was a challenge, especially during my first pregnancy. By the time my second pregnancy came around, I had learned a thing or two.


Here are five my tips on how to keep a professional look, when you can’t even see your feet.


  1. Know Your Style

Maternity leave fashion can make you feel kind of limited in your choices by times. This totally makes it rough if you’ve got a developed sense of style and know exactly what you like (like moi). I could be super picky by times. Okay, I’m picky all the time. For me, finding a store that fit my sense of style, at the right price, point with the right quality was really important. Once you find that store – I suggest you follow it regularly, watch for sales and stick to it. Chances are the sizing and quality is pretty consistent. This makes things easier for you, especially if you’re ordering online!


  1. Invest in a Couple Really Good pieces

Being pregnant is temporary (thank goodness) but can feel like an eternity. Because of this it’s easy to be tempted to get cheapo clothing. But if you’re someone who’s into quality clothing, you should totally treat yourself so you feel like you again. Even if it’s just for a little while!


Treat yourself to a couple of really great staples to help you get through this time. You’ll feel better about yourself in a nice quality piece. My best investment pieces were a basic black dress and a basic grey dress. Both were stretchy enough that I was able to wear them through my entire pregnancy. The pieces were basic so I could switch things up with my accessories.



  1. Buy Maternity Undergarments

Seriously. Do this. Unless you would like to spend the next nine months tugging on your bra and panties. The investment is worthwhile, given that these pieces are setting the foundation for your outfit every day.


I wore a lot of dresses while I was pregnant. For the colder months, I purchased some quality tights. These were a great addition to my wardrobe. I absolutely love tights with dresses in the fall. Having tights that were comfy and didn’t roll down made me feel like me. Sort of.



  1. Consider Your Lifestyle

What’s important to you? For me, I wanted to feel extra good at work. I was always visible and interacting with tons of people.   Feeling good in my clothes for this part of my life was most important to me. Because of this, most of my investment was in corporate clothes.


What are you into? Is it more important to you to feel great while working out? If it is, go for it and buy some awesome maternity workout gear. 


  1. Think Post Baby

As you know, you will (unfortunately) still be wearing maternity clothes some time post baby. Make sure you’ve got some comfy pieces for lounging around, cuddling and feeding your little sweetie. For me, the best investment was a great pair of leggings. They’re so versatile, can be dressed up or down. Also, they are stretchy. A post baby must!




Good luck with your pregnancy and growing that beautiful baby of yours. Wishing you much love and snuggles.


Have a good day,




Shauna Cole is a Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) with a Master's Degree in Business (MBA) and Undergraduate Degree in Communications (BA).  She’s also a proud BOYMOM. Shauna shares tips on career, the motherhood journey and simply organized style. 

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